What is ePALS? ePALS is an electronic mail service. This fun and exciting tool allows one computer user to send a message to one or more computer users over a computer network in a digital form. ePALS is an opportunity for teachers and students to receive and use a safe and monitored electronic mail account for educational purposes. This account can be accessed at school and home for use in classroom-based activities and projects.

For instructional use, students will have access to send and receive electronic mail for the purpose of communicating and exchanging  information in alignment with activities and projects. Students' use of e-mail can be monitored to ensure appropriate and responsible use and to ensure that students do not receive inappropriate content.

To assist in maintaining "safe" e-mail, students should be reminded to abide by the policies and procedures regarding e-mail use as outlined below:

  • Never give out personal information (ex. name, address, phone number) over the Internet.
  • Never use e-mail to send a picture of friends, my family, classmates, or self to anyone.
  • Never accept or respond to online messages from people you don't know.
  • Never use impolite, obscene, or abusive language.
  • Never give your password to other users, or use someone else's password.
  • Never send copyrighted materials unless you have permission to do so.
  • Always respect the right of others to express opinions you do not agree with, even if you are completely opposed to the opinion.
  • Always immediately report to any teacher any threatening or hate mail.
  • Always keep your postings relevant to the thread of the discussion.
  • Never post large e-mail files, which tend to overload the system.
  • Always use any and all features of the e-mail account responsibly.
    Elizabeth Hoff,
    Oct 30, 2009, 9:55 AM