Careers in Computer Science

Coding is the “New Literacy.” Students today are growing up in a quickly changing digital world and coding is a language they’ll need to know. Coding promotes problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, communication, collaboration, reasoning, spatial awareness, sequencing, and so much more. If you are a high school student trying to prepare for college and a major that will maximize your career prospects, it’s no secret that computer science is a great choice. There’s no shortage of data, reports, and surveys which find that people with CS degrees can expect some of the some of the highest starting salaries of any field of study.  Of all majors, students studying in CS had the highest average starting salary, $66,161, followed by engineering ($65,000), math and statistics ($60,300), economics ($58,600), and finance ($58,000). In addition, 32% of CS grads had a starting salary of over $75k and 13% started at over $100k.

Why Everyone Should Learn to Code!!!