7th Annual Hartnell College Summer STEM Internship Symposium
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An internship is an excellent way for a student to gain relevant experience in a particular career field as well as getting exposure to determine if they have a genuine interest in the field. Internships also provide research opportunities for students, providing a “kick-start” when the students transfer to a 4-year university.  Internships are an excellent way to begin building those all-important connections that are invaluable in developing and maintaining a strong professional network for the future.  

The Internship Program at Hartnell College is intended to bridge the gap between the classroom and the professional world.  Internships promote academic, career and personal development as well as:
Career related experience
Practical knowledge
Opportunities to explore varying career options
Valuable work experience for your resume
Increased self-confidence
Industry networking opportunities

Hartnell College is strengthening diversity in STEM while taking on the challenge of meeting our nation’s skilled workforce needs. We are creating a new legacy of opportunity for the families of the Salinas Valley by producing future generations of bright young scientists through innovative and comprehensive STEM programs and initiatives. Over the past several years, our unique STEM Internship Program has achieved unprecedented success, matching hundreds of community college students with university researchers and industry experts in prestigious laboratories throughout the Central Coast.

At Hartnell College, we are growing leaders through opportunity, engagement, and achievement.
7th Annual Hartnell College Summer STEM Internship Symposium August 24, 2013

Vision Statement

Hartnell College will be nationally recognized for the success of our students by developing leaders who will contribute to the social, cultural, and economic vitality of our region and the global community.

Mission Statement

Focusing on the needs of the Salinas Valley, Hartnell College provides educational opportunities for students to reach academic goals in an environment committed to student learning, achievement, and success.