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Homework for the week of June 5-9
** Please remember that students should feel free to email completed homework.  Please make sure you do not use a hyphen in my email address;  it will not reach me.  

**If you see a link in the homework, it means that a copy of the work is available for you to see and/or print at home.  
7th Grade Evolution of Civilization: 
 Monday:   1.  Dona Marina questions due Wednesday.  2.  Final exam on June 13th.  Use the review sheet to study.
 Tuesday:   1.  Dona Marina due tomorrow.  2.  Study for the final exam.
 Wednesday:  1.  Prepare for tomorrow's debate.  2.  Study.
 Thursday:  Study.
 Friday:   Study.

8th Grade U.S. History:     
Monday:  1.  Civil War soldier project due Friday.  2.  Final exam on 6/13.  Use the review sheet to study.    
Tuesday:   1.  Work on Civil War soldier project.  2. Study.
Wednesday:   1.  Work on project.  2.  Study.
Thursday:  1.  Project due at the end of class tomorrow.  2. Study.
Friday:  Study!

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Here's a fun website/app for geography.  Try it out and see how geo-literate you are:

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