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Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

I am now using Google Classroom to communicate with you about assignments due and course information. Each student has been invited to join through their school gmail account.
For some reason, Google Classroom is only allowing me to invite students. If I find out a way around that, I will invite parents and guardians too.

Jim Mitchell

(802) 359-4915 (school)
(603) 252-9160 (cell)

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Student Preparedness Expectations:
pencil (erasable pens are not allowed)
Connected Math Book
Math Binder
Agenda Book/Assignment Notebook
Math Tools as needed

Homework Assigned 

Period 1(NOVA 7th): 
work on Graded Review #8

Period 2 (8th): 
work on Graded Review #8

Period 4 (Zapatera 7th):
work on Graded Review #8

Period 7 (6th Equinox): 
work on Graded Review #8

ATN: Accentuate the Negative
F&W: Filling and Wrapping
C&S: Covering and Surrounding

Long-term Assignments 

Graded Review #8 due Friday, January 15


Graded Review #8Graded Review #8

Graded Review #8Graded Review #8

Graded Review #8Graded Review #8

Graded Review #8Graded Review #8

Homework:                 25%           Assessments:    35%

Reflections &
Graded Reviews:        20%           Participation:    10%         

Preparedness &
Organization:              10%

Participation and Preparedness/Organization are assessed at midterm and end of quarter.

Homework is scored regarding completeness, effort and neatness.

    Homework that is complete, shows effort and is neat earns 100%. (Check +)
     Homework that is late earns 75%. If it is complete, shows effort and is neat. (Check)
    Homework that lacks completeness, effort and/or neatness earns 50%. (Check -)
    Homework not turned in or substantially unfinished earns 0%. 

Students can turn in late work at any time.
Students can turn in improved and/or completed work at anytime.

In Infinite Campus ...
    if the label for an assignment is MISSING, the score is 0%
       if the box for a score is empty, nothing has been entered yet.

Most everything can be redone for a better score. 

Sometimes, an alternate assessment or graded review will be given to increase the original version's score.

Math Jokes: Students may submit jokes about math to be included in this website.

From Ethan S.  What kind of truck is a math problem?
From Eddie J.   If you are scared half to death twice, how dead are you? 

Recommended Websites:

Khan Academy: Watch videos and practice your skills for almost any math subject.Watch videos and practice your skills for almost any math subject.   

This website may be useful for helping with homework.

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