In June 2014, a committee of Hartford School District educators collaboratively created a scope and sequence of technology skills in grades PreK-12. Using a variety of resources, such as the HSD Technology Ends Policy and the International Society of Technology in Education’s (ISTE) student profiles and standards, we crafted charts to represent the technology skills students should work on in different grade clusters. Also, we included a checklist of skills necessary for students to acquire before they attempt the SBAC test.

The district’s philosophy emphasizes technology integration in all subject areas as opposed to students working on computing skills in isolation.  Rather than enumerating discrete technical skills, we used the ISTE student profiles as our starting point. These profiles describe possible avenues through which students can address the various ISTE standards, then correlated these standards with the HSD Technology Ends, and the SBAC Technology Skills Checklist.  This site includes a variety of resources and tools that teachers can investigate while planning technology integration in their curricula.  Some examples are included with the hope that teachers in the district will begin to contribute examples from their own work with students.  

We welcome your lesson submissions. Please complete the Google Form located in the Submit Lesson page on this website, and explore the lessons submitted by your colleagues on the Lesson Sample page. If you have additional resources to contribute, please share with your building librarian so they can be added to this site.