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The HHS Advisory Program seeks to foster individual student growth through personal relationships as follows:
  • Develop planned, purposeful and positive relationships between staff and students.
  • Increase student engagement and success.
  • Create a culture that supports personal responsibility and mutual respect.
Through advisories, we will forge stronger connections among students and staff within the Hartford High School community, creating conditions that facilitate academic success and personal growth. At its very core, the HHS Advisory will provide students with a consistent and small peer community of approximately 12 students across all grades who grow and learn from one another throughout the high school experience.

In addition to attending the Monday All-School Meeting, students will meet in advisory on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 7:45 to 8:10.

Each advisor is prepared to serve as an advocate and liaison for every member of the group, helping students navigate school-related choices. In addition, Advisors and students are encouraged to share in the exploration of a variety of topics throughout the year.

Examples of topics that are likely to be explored in advisory:
  • What resources and activities are available within our community?

  • How can we still express individuality and be part of a community?

  • Why does community service matter?