Students enrolled in the Transitional Learning Charter (TLC) program are working on transition and post-secondary goals.  Those attending need support to continue their education in order to meet their transition goals outlined in their Individual Education Plan.  The TLC program assesses students in the areas of occupational skills, daily living skills and social skills. TLC utilizes the Practical Assessment Exploration System (PAES) lab to assess barriers and accommodations needed for employment. Students receive lessons in the following curriculums: Life Centered Career Education (LCCE), Brigance Transition Skills, and Career Visions. These curriculums are the basis for community instruction and functional life skills. Students also have opportunities to volunteer within the community and experience on-the-job training in a variety of local settings, while learning the city transportation system.
Each student will have completed an individualized work portfolio which can be utilized by the Regional Center and possibly the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) in order to transition the students seamlessly.
Some students will exit out before age 22, when they have successfully completed their transition goals. Others may take classes at the local community college while attending TLC.
Students enrolled at TLC are adult students, therefore they are outside of testing range,

and IEP goals are reported quarterly.