Bonding I: Ionic Bonding and Lewis Structures

Now that you have a solid foundation in energy, electronic structure, and some simple periodic trends, we can expand your view of simple molecules. Understanding the structure of atoms helps us predict the structure and function of molecules.
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Ionic Bonding and Crystal Lattice Energy
Warm up: Test Review
Lecture Notes: Types of Bonding
1) Read 9.1-9.3 on Connect +
2) Do 9.1-9.3 Ionic Bonding on Connect +
B1Heat of Solution Lab
Lab With Presentations
Day 1: Write about Lattice Energy and Heat of Solution
Day 2: Hand Warmer Challenge/Ice Pack Challenge Lab
Day 3: Presentations
B 2, 4
Covalent Bonds and Lewis Structures
Finish Presentations (if applicable)
Lecture Notes: Lewis Structures PDF
1) Read
2) Do Lewis Structures Worksheet, Here's the Key
B 2,3,4
Electronegativity and Formal Charges
Lecture Notes: Electronegativity and Formal Charges Peardeck
1) Read
2) Types of Bonds (POGIL)
3 ) Assign Formal Charges to Previous Lewis Structures Homework
4) Connect available for more problems
B 2,3,4
Lecture Notes: Resonance and Formal Charge
1) Read
2) Resonance Structures, Here's the Key
3) Properties of Covalent Bonds
Bond Enthalpy
A thermochemical application of Lewis structure drawing skills
Lecture: Bond Enthalpy, PDF
1) Do 9.10 Bond Enthalpy
 AllQuest Prep
(Chem Party)
The best things to study for this quest are end of chapter problems and the practice test. Focus less on memorizing factoids and more on practicing the material. The more you practice, the more you will naturally memorize your definitions. Remember that the textbook solutions guide is in our class library for you to check your work.

Practice Multiple Choice A
Practice Multiple Choice B

Bonding Topics
B1. Ionic Bonds
B2. Covalent Bonds
B3. Electronegativity
B4. Lewis Structures
B5. Bond Enthalpy