Interest Form and Summer Work

If you need some help understanding the summer reading and problems sets, check out these short tutorial and notes videos that Ms. Smith has put together for you :D

Interest Form:

AP Chemistry Interest Form 2019-2020

Course Information:

AP Chemistry Course Info 2019-2020

Summer Homework:

AP Chemistry Summer Work

Our textbook is called Chemistry, by Chang and Goldsby. It is a wonderfully thorough book, but some of you might find the reading level too challenging or too easy. If you really want to push yourself this year, you might consider ordering a copy of another text that will suit your needs. I don't care which book you read, as long as you keep up with the topics.

Here are some lower cost options (old editions, but really, chemical principles don't change, just how we ask questions) on Amazon if you want to get a book that is easier to read, or a little more "interesting" for those of you needing a bit of a challenge.