Infinite Campus

Hey Hart Teachers, this portion of my class website is just for us. Have you ever wasted too much time trying to figure out what buttons you need to click to find relevant information on infinite campus? Ever need a refresher on setting up a gradebook or submitting grades? No worries friends, I've got your backs.

Emailing Parents Using Messanger

Setting up the Gradebook

Categories (Weighting Grades), Grade Calculation Options

In the following video, the incorrect quarter is selected for the fall term. Do all of your setup for Fall 2019 under Q2! Apologies for the terrible sound quality of my built-in microphone on my ancient computer and the blasting AC in the background.

All teachers must add at least one category to be able to add assignments.

Adding Assignments Properly

Visual Help: Color Coding and Getting Rid of the Blue Line Graph Thing

Finding Student Information

Posting Grades and Reports for the Office