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This is a yearlong course with three very important objectives:
  1. Prepare you to pass the AP Exam in May.
  2. Provide you with inquiry learning opportunities that will increase your problem solving and cooperative learning skills.
  3. Provide you with a laboratory program meant to increase your understanding of content and lab techniques that will help you succeed in college.

What students say about AP Chemistry the last few years:
  • Forty out of Forty-three recommend the course to future students.
    • "I love the lab program because we got hands on instruction of topics of chemistry."~2015
    • "It is a challenge but when you do the problems and get them right it's like "[HECK] YES I AM A GENIUS," and so that's pretty cool"~2016
    • "AP chemistry is a difficult course, but it prepares you to think outside the box. It is difficult but it truly makes you a better thinker."~2015
    • "AP Chemistry is a huge wake up call for the people who challenge themselves. Smart children in high school can get by several classes from an intelligent mind... AP Chem is not one of them. I am very glad I took the course and learned my lessons early on in life rather than failing miserably in college."~2016
    • "Chemistry is one of the more challenging and interesting subjects in the school which makes it one of the most rewarding... Labs are way more fun than in any other class. The material is unique in each chapter but will often overlap and build on itself."~2015
    • "Chem is like life, If you put the time and effort into it the experience will be interesting, rewarding and maybe even fun..."~2015
The AP Chem Exam Countdown:
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Please keep in mind that the schedule is tentative, and subject to change. Changes will be announced and posted in class.

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