In 8th grade science, we will examine how energy moves through our physical world.  The six units of study are: Energy of Motion; Gravity and Energy Related to Position; Electric and Magnetic Energy and Interactions; Waves Transmitting Energy and Information; Thermal Energy and Heat Flow; and Chemical Energy and Reactions. 

This class follows the new NGSS science curriculum. California is in the process of transitioning to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). This is a very exciting change to our traditional science program.  The primary shift is the increase in student exploration and discovery and the decrease in teacher-driven instruction.  The innovative NGSS lessons tie together science content, engineering practices, and the cross-cutting concepts in order to help students discover how different science disciplines are interrelated. If your child has not loved science instruction thus far, things will definitely change this year!  

If you need to get a hold of me, please email me at ckoegle@hartdistrict.org.  Email is a much more effective way of contacting me than a phone call due to the nature of my schedule with the kiddos.  Thanks!

Classwork: January 14-18
Monday- Welcome Back WarmUp; Notebook SetUp 
Tuesday- Email Etiquette 101
Wednesday- How to Upload Showcase Documents
Thursday- MiniLab: Making Waves AND PhET: Waves on a String
Friday- Explaining Waves: Videos and Articles

Homework: January 14-18
Monday- Set up notebook, if necessary
TuesdaySend an email to me
Wednesday-Check Binder Reminder
Thursday-Complete Making Waves MiniLab AND Phet Wave Basics
Friday- See Binder Reminder

Suggested Materials for Class
In order to be successful in our classroom, students should have the following supplies:
Composition Book (one per semester) (Please no spiral notebooks...they fall apart!)
Binder Reminder
Pencils!  (You'd be SHOCKED how many kiddos come to school without writing utensils!)
Various colored pens and colored pencils
Tape or Glue...super important!!!


Infinite Campus
To keep our focus on success, I encourage both parents and students to log on to Infinite Campus weekly to monitor their successes and stumbles.  Please feel free to communicate with me when you see your child struggling.  We are in a partnership, and I look forward to helping your child achieve his/her full potential!