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Exhibit NameDescription
DCCU Budgeting with M&Ms Visit the Dupont Community Credit union to learn about the sweetness of creating a budget using M&Ms.  
BRCC Virtual Welders Students and participants would be able to try our welding simulator. We will also have information available for all BRCC programs.  
Kid Made Arcade Kid Made Arcade For the first time at STEM day the Kid Made Arcade! Have fun while playing all of cardboard arcade games that were made by elementary school students.  
EMU sustainable bike LCome see a bike that when pedaled sends electricity back into the electrical grid. Come ride the bike and help give back and reduce our carbon footprint. 
TARC eam America Rocketry Challenge has gotten our HHS STEM academy students ready to sore to new heights. Learn about what the students have to do to compete. 
Problems, Predicaments and Pulleys The farmer is trapped at the bottom of an empty silo. Use K'Nex pieces, pulleys, and rope to construct a device to rescue him. 
EMU design challenge The challenge is to build the tallest standing tower using newspaper.  
To infinity and beyond with Legos Come see various space technologies made from legos, and try and design your own. 
THMS STEM Exhibits: 10 stations THMS STEM kids have designed many exciting STEM exhibits for the community. Handwarmers Levitating Orb Makey Makey Sphero DIY VR Viewer Reusable Bubbles Smoke Rings Holographic Pyramid Magnetic Track Hovercrafts 
HHS High Altitude Ballon HHS juniors have launched experiments into the upper limits of our atmosphere. Come learn about their project and learn about buoyancy.  
Found Sound See instruments students from THMS made. 
Perfect Pollinators Pollinators are very important. Come learn about pollinators and how they help us.  
Kid can Code Join the HCPS Instructional Technology Resource Teachers to learn about how kids can write computer code and try it, its fun! 
On the road collaborative OTRC is a non-profit organization that provides enriching after school opportunities for middle school students. Come see what exciting things the students are learning and hear about OTRC. 
THMS First Lego League Come learn about First Lego League Robotics and try your hand at programming a robot. 
Valley Astonomers The Valley Astronomers are back again at STEM day, come learn about the world beyond and reach for the stars.  
HHS Gov. STEM Academy: Biology Come see the Gel Electrophoresis boxes built by our 10th graders and see how they use them in biology. Also come look at some cool things in a microscope.  
HHS Gov. STEM Academy: Spheros Come try your hand at programming and driving a sphero. See how the HHS STEM kids are modifying using 3D printing to use them in water.  
HHS Cycloid Bike HHS students in Calculus will demonstrate amazing projects of a cycloid.  
HHS FTC Robotics The First Tech Challenge (FTC) is designed for students from grades 7-12. Come see how the teams newly designed robot works.  
BRCC Check out Boebots and drones, just some of the cool things that are happening at BRCC! 
JMU Children's Engineering Eww, Germs. Come learn about how hand washing is important. 
SKMS STEM Academy: 12 exhibits Skyline middle school's STEM Academy will have the following twelve exhibits : Soap powered boats Water bottle flipping 3 little pigs Magnetic slime Virtual Reality How clouds make rain Basketball hoops Van De Graaff Seismic Shake-up Glowstick Air Cannon Memory 
Floating Ping Pong Learn about Bernoulli's principle and make a ping pong ball float in mid air.  
Rotary: Soap Box Derby Wanna race? Well stop by the soap box derby station and try your hand at a race. Then jump into one of their large cars and see how it feels to be behind the wheel. 
Ocean Exploration Come play in our virtual ocean. Swim with the sharks, build some coral or just swim with the fish. 
STEM Putt-Putt Come play our HCPS STEM designed putt putt course. Made by summer school students in 2016 this open course will be challenging and fun.  
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