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Presentation from Meet and Greet on May 24, 2017.

Advanced Learning/Gifted 
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Gifted education in our schools recognizes that each child deserves an educational experience that will promote the development of his or her potential. In order to facilitate the maximum development of each child’s potential, all learners are provided with differentiated and challenging instruction. This occurs within the classroom as well as through a variety of extension and enrichment opportunities that may happen beyond the walls of the classroom. Teachers and others who work with identified gifted students must be aware of the unique characteristics and learning styles of the gifted. A focus on providing advanced learning opportunities for all children is accomplished through a collaboration with teachers and the Advanced Learning Specialist at each of the elementary and middle schools.
Advanced Learning Specialists

The following elementary schools have a full-time Advanced Learning and STEM Specialist:
Bluestone (Courtney Sokolowski), Keister (Jackie Gulino), Waterman (Diana Ferguson), Smithland (Sarah Lopacinski), Spotswood (Tonia Campillo) and Stone Spring (Lynette Latham).. Half of their time is devoted to collaborating with teachers and providing advanced learning opportunities to students. The other half time is for implementing I-STEM lessons for each and every grade. 
The middle schools are served by  Judie McNett at SKMS and Stephanie Wilson at THMS who are available to collaborate with teachers and work directly with students.