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Week 3

posted Aug 24, 2016, 2:26 PM by Katelyn Smith   [ updated Feb 23, 2017, 5:24 AM ]

This week we learned to read/write the color word red!  Here is the YouTube song we sang all week...

Wear color RED day (Oops, I forgot)

This week our Family Resource Center passed out their monthly character award forms.  Each month I will pick three kiddos to receive an award (each kiddo will get one by the end of Kindergarten).

This month I nominated Levi, Elliott, and Justin for the Friendship award.  You should receive a copy of the letter at your home in the weeks to come.  The awards will be passed out at school in the next few weeks!  

This week we really practiced naming the months of the year and the days of the week!

Here we are writing in our writing journals this week… (for now, we are coloring a picture about something we read about in our read aloud book, later we will start copying words down, and leaving K we will be able to independently write 2-3 sentences and provide an illustration to match)

This week we began using our core math program, Envisions.  Our entire school uses the Envisions core program for math instruction...

Here are our vocabulary cards for the topic about shapes...  Please use these cards at home and we will also review our vocabulary daily at school!

This week we were introduced to our weekly classroom centers...


*library center: Kiddos read/look at the pictures in the books provided in the library center

*iPad center: Kiddos are allowed to pick any app on the iPads to play (they are all only educational games)

*computer center: Kiddos play on starfall.com

*puzzle/block center: Kiddos play with alphabet or number blocks/puzzles (I forgot to get a picture of this center)

*word work center: This week students matched colored pumpkins to color mats

*writing center: This week students matched color clothespins to the paint chip match

*math games center: This week students sorted shapes by color, size, sides, edges, etc.

*we also have a teacher center where we work one-on-one or in small groups with letters/sounds and numbers (and eventually reading groups)!*

Here are the Pete the Cat books we read about and wrote journals about this week...

We have been working had this week with our ten frames.  We record our days in school in ten frames each day during calendar.  We also play this super fun smartboard game to help us practice and manipulate our ten frames!

I was not at school on Friday (Mrs. Judd was our substitute).

*Monday will be wear BLUE day!  Please send your kiddo to school (August 29th) wearing BLUE!*

Have a wonderful weekend!

Week 2

posted Aug 24, 2016, 12:49 PM by Katelyn Smith   [ updated Feb 23, 2017, 5:19 AM ]

What a wonderful 2nd week of Kindergarten!  Please ask your kiddo about some number, letter, and any other songs they have learned!

This week our theme was shapes and colors!
*check out YouTube for some fun color and shape songs... (type in Kindergarten shape songs or Kindergarten color songs)

Here are the shape and color books we read this week...

Since this week's theme was shapes, we had to investigate with our shape manipulatives...

The office handed out GIANT plastic bags to store all locker belongings in (we are calling them our Cootie Catchers... We don't want to share our cooties with anyone)!

This week Mr. Fowler read a story to our classroom!

This week the K and 1st grade iPad cart was introduced!  When we use the iPads in our classroom we always explore on Starfall!  Starfall is great for counting, number practice, letter/sound practice, telling time, and so many other K topics!

Here is the starfall link:   starfall.com

We reflected back to our first day of Kindergarten and made a book bucket book (all about us and our first day)

Here we are working in our dry erase Rise and Shine Binders...

Patricia Polacco is coming to visit our school on September 2nd.  We decided to make a craft from one of her stories to display when she comes to visit.  Check out our babushka doll craft...

We water color painted, cut, and glued during the first full week of K (that is a huge success)!

Next week we will begin our COLOR UNIT.  Each week we will focus on a certain color.  We will learn the color, color word, and how to spell it!
Monday will be RED day.

*Please send your kiddo to school on 8-22-16 wearing RED!

Week 1

posted Aug 24, 2016, 12:48 PM by Katelyn Smith   [ updated Apr 26, 2017, 11:55 AM ]

I hope everyone had a GREAT first week of Kindergarten! (I know I did)!

This week we learned all about our classroom, school, and playground!  We took a school tour, learned classroom and school rules, and played lots of name games!  Take a look below at all we did during our first week of Kindergarten!
Here are our 1st day of K pictures:

This week we had our first fire and bus evacuation drills!

This week we also rotated and went to our first pe, computer, and library classes!

The first week of school we celebrated a birthday.  Check out her special birthday snack..

We had fun working and listening to KidzBop and Disney Radio at our table seats!  

This year we are eating breakfast in our classrooms (we only have about 7 milk/juice spills each morning ;)

Practicing how to follow carpet manners…

Playground rules/exploring:

Smartboard/calendar fun!

Creating our RISE AND SHINE BINDER covers (these are binders that have traceable pages in them to practice name writing, ABCs, numbers, etc.)...

It is always sweet when older siblings check in :)

Billion Mile Race/track practice (our school is competing in a fitness program.  Each classroom keeps track of how many laps they run/walk each week and Mr. Crisp posts them in the gym...

Friday Craft (Chester the Raccoon from The Kissing Hand...

Mrs. Courtney from UK came to talk to the whole kindergarten about Lilly and Leukemia.  She brought a doll and other props to help explain it to the kiddos...

Here are the books we read this week...

Have a fantastic weekend :)

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