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Welcome to the new site!  This will replace the old "Blog Dogg" for all your classroom information.
We will use this occasionally for digital classroom assignments and for posting information in addition to using

Please see the Syllabus pages for your information.

In class today:
  • Take the www.surveymonkey reading survey online.  (Very bottom, below all these instructions).
  • Send me an email for an easy grade.  We will use our email often for assignments, and we need to get the first one sent successfully.  Instructions are on the google site.

  • Locate the syllabus on the blog.  This is what your parents need to read.
  • Pick a book or magazine, unless you have something else in mind that you can read, for an activity that will take 35 minutes in class on Thursday.
  • Test Email:  In the email, you need to put just one thing you’ve learned IN CLASS (could be ANYTHING) over the last week.


Web ResourcesàLightspeed Internet Access

Web ResourcesàStudent mail


The survey website will be posted on my Google Site, accessible through the HC Schools website.

Web ResourcesàLightspeed Internet Access

Web ResourcesàStudent mail

Reading survey!  Go here:

You need the password.  I'll give it to you in class.

Here's an additional survey I'd like you to take.  I'll explain in class.  Go here: