Welcome parents/guardians to my 6th grade tech and careers class blog! I update this parent blog on Sunday nights to give you a preview of our class lessons for the coming week. If you ever have any questions about our work, your student's grade or other information, please feel free to call me between 1:20-2 or 3:10-3:30 at our school number: 234-7123. You may also send me an email and I will respond within that same day: resa.hersel@harrison.kyschools.us

I am also the STLP (student tech club) sponsor. Our meetings are over for this school year and won't start back until this October. We do a variety of tech activities at the meetings. No previous experience is required to join. Also please note if we have a snow/flood/NTI day on a scheduled meeting day, that meeting will not be made up the next week. We will stick to the schedule.

Last 2 weeks: May 14 - May 25

Everything is beginning to wind down in our Explore class. We have this week left to work on our coding unit. We will be learning how to make a basic game on our computers that can then be transferred to the students' phones. They are allowed to bring them to my class on Tuesday and Wednesday if they want to do this. Of course they won't be allowed to do anything else on their phones except add the new game. So please stress this with your child. No texting, no game playing, and no taking pictures. Friday will be our final exam and I will give your child a study guide on Thursday. The test will be 40 MC and TF and will cover everything we have learned this 9 weeks. Next week will be a short one with election day Tuesday and no school for the students and only 1/2 a day the last day of school. I won't have anything planned for lessons after this Friday but students will have their choice of keyboarding or coding to do when they are here the last week of school.

Thanks for stopping by to see what's up in our class this coming week.