Day 10 Learning Target:

Students will collaborate with a partner and demonstrate creativity in writing a 7 paragraph choose your own adventure story in a Google Doc that includes bookmarks and links.
Today is the last day to work on the story so turn in what you have when I tell you time for the exit slip. **You can always do some work at home or elsewhere if you need a few final sentences but tomorrow we are going to move on and take our unit test over google Docs.

If you owe me the Fakebook and you do finish your story today, work on the Fakebook. I am going to put in 0s this week for those not started on it yet or grade what you do have. When you get to work on it and complete it, please let me know so I can grade it and change the 0 or low grade.

March 27Bellringers:

1. What is one advantage of working with a partner, like on this assignment? Can you see any disadvantages to working with someone on an assignment? If so, what are they?
2. Why is learning to be a productive part of a team a good skill to have?

What is the cover page of a report? Where do you start numbering the report when you have a cover page?