Welcome to Harrison County Schools!

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

 ~  Benjamin Franklin

On behalf of Harrison County Schools, I would like to welcome everyone to the 2017-2018 school year.  The start of a new school calendar is yet another opportunity to witness how everyone comes together and works so diligently to support the education of our children here in Harrison County. I applaud the efforts of our students, staff, parents and community partners as we work together to focus on improving student learning in this district.  That focus has produced a 92.6% four-year graduation rate (the state average is 88.6%). Our average ACT composite score has increased from 19.4 to 20.2 (the state average is 19.8). The class of 2017 earned over $1,000,000 in scholarships and KEES (Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarships) money. As a district, Harrison County earned a Distinguished rating from our latest KPREP scores. Great things are occurring in Harrison County Schools!

Once again, school supplies will be provided to every student in all four elementary schools and Harrison County Middle School. Our board of education recognizes the burden to families and hopes this helps to ease that burden. In keeping with that, our district is also able to provide free breakfast and lunch for ALL preschool and elementary students.

We welcome three new principals to our district this year.  Mr. Steven Fowler moves from Southside Elementary to Harrison County High School.  Ms. Melissa Miles is our new principal at Eastside Elementary, while Mr. Todd Harp takes the helm at Southside Elementary. 

 I cordially invite you to visit our schools and see the wonderful things that are happening there. Our district employees go above and beyond to ensure the children of Harrison County have an appealing, clean, and safe environment for learning. We want you to share in our students’ achievements throughout this school year. Our entire team - teachers, support staff, and administration - is excited for the educational opportunities that await our students this year!

As we embrace a new school year, there is excitement about the potential it holds. I am honored to be a part of the educational endeavors in Harrison County Schools. It is my privilege to work with such a great group of people who continually strive toward being a “Model of Opportunity” for every student in this district! 

Feel free to contact me any time at (859) 234-7110, or via email at andy.dotson@harrison.kyschools.us

October 5, 2017

Earlier in the year we shared with you the three areas of focus for our district this year per our board of education. At Tuesday night’s board meeting we received the following updates from administrators:

 COMMUNICATION – Since August 1st, there have been 150 “All Calls” made to parents and staff. 108 of those calls were attendance related. We receive feedback that says our community appreciates this service as a form of communication. It was particularly appreciated on September 11th when our schools went on lockdown. Facebook and Twitter were also utilized that day to keep parents and the public informed. Harrison County Schools actually received a complimentary “shout out” that evening on the news from an LEX-18 reporter for the district’s situation` updates via Facebook and Twitter. The district plans to continue the use of our community calls, and we will be exploring additional options to keep everyone connected.

ACADEMICS – We have already administered the newly mandated Civics Test at our high school. The board approved the question content and 643 tests were given to freshmen, sophomore, and junior students with a 93.8% pass rate on the first round. This test was also given to seniors with Social Studies electives and they earned a 95.4% pass rate. Harrison County is one of the first districts in the state to begin testing students Every high school student must pass this test in order to graduate, but they have the opportunity to take it multiple times.

ATTENDANCE – The Kentucky Directors of Pupil Personnel sponsored High Attendance Day on September 20th. The theme for encouraging student attendance this year is “Engagement = Attendance.” The emphasis is on every staff member to play a role by creating a welcoming and engaging school environment that motivates students and their families to show up at school. Several attendance incentives were initiated this month by principals such as – “Wear Sunglasses to School” Day, “Eat Lunch with Your Principal” Day, and teachers vs. students contests to include “Duck Tape Your Principal to the Wall.”  

Grandparents Day is nationally recognized on Sunday, September 10th, and Harrison County Schools is pleased to celebrate the wisdom, joy, support and care giving that grandparents bring into the lives of our students. In honor of grandparents, each elementary school is hosting either a breakfast or lunch along with other activities. With family structures ever changing, many grandparents are taking on the role of primary caregivers/legal guardians to our students. 

Harrison County Family Resource and Youth Service Centers has planned a support group meeting for grandparents and other relatives that are raising children. This meeting is open to any families who are involved in the primary care giving of their grandchildren or relatives. The meeting will be held at the Harrison County Extension Office on September 26th at 1:30 pm. There will be door prizes and light refreshments served. For more information call 234-7160.

Forget-Me-Nots.....the official flower of Grandparents Day

August 18, 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year in Harrison County Schools! If you are a new employee, we wish you the very best as you start your career in our district. To all our staff members, I thank you in advance for your commitment to serve our students this year. During our opening day breakfast and assembly, I was so impressed with the fine team of people that make up Harrison County Schools.  With a combination of experience and enthusiasm our staff has so much to offer to our students’ education.

During a recent work session, our board members determined three focus areas that I want to share with you as we start this new school year – academics, attendance and communication. We’ll seek continuous improvement in these areas as the year progresses.

I wish everyone a successful school year, and please contact me if I can be of service to you.

“Don’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the further you get.”

Michael Phelps (most decorated Olympian in history; 23 titles and 28 medals!)  It is interesting to note that Michael Phelps started swimming at age 7 in an effort to direct his excess energy after being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.  This just serves as a reminder that when faced with a roadblock – stay positive and find a way around it. You never know where it will lead you!