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Harrison Public School is a Class C, K-12 school nestled in the heart of the Tobacco Root Mountains below Hollowtop Peak. We are located on Hwy. 287, approximately 50 miles between Butte and Bozeman in southwestern Montana, and 100 miles from the west entrance of stunning Yellowstone National Park. We pride ourselves on being a small, yet successful school. As a small school, we provide small class sizes, unlimited participation in a variety of extracurricular activities, a competitive curriculum, and caring, dedicated educators.

"Achieving academic & personal excellence in school & beyond."

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Map showing where Harrison is.
  • When you float or fish on the Madison River near Norris, you are in the Harrison School District?

  • The Harrison School District has a bus stop 19 miles from the Four-Corners Intersection, west of Bozeman?

  • The door to the Harrison School is 39 miles from the Four-Corners Intersection, west of Bozeman?

  • Harrison School is 19 miles south of Wheat, Montana, outside of Three Forks.

  • Harrison School dismisses class daily at 3:06 p.m.

  • Students at Harrison High School can take online college courses tuition free, if they pass the course?

  • The Harrison School District has around 75 students K-12, making it difficult for a student to fall through the cracks!

  • The Harrison School District has room for additional students at all grade levels.

  • Harrison’s small class sizes mean more one-on-one time with their teachers!

  • Harrison School’s classrooms and technology are current and we were one of the first school’s in Montana to have a 3D printer!

  • Harrison has won multiple State GPA titles over the past several years, including 2015, and placed in the top three on other occasions (Highest Team GPA in the State)!

  • Harrison’s athletic teams are competitive and a number of recent graduates have continued on with athletics collegiately.

  • Everyone has an opportunity to participate at Harrison.

  • A high percentage of Harrison graduates go on to serve in our armed forces.

  • Harrison has great students, great teachers and remember, at the Harrison School, Everyone is Cool!

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