"Together We Empower Students to Succeed"

To ensure our students safety here at school, we REQUIRE all parents and visitors to check in at the office during school hours. Parents are not allowed down the halls during class time. Hallways also tend to be very busy at the start and end of the school day so you are welcome to wait in the school lobby area by the front office. Thank you.


To nominate someone see instructions (eagle) below.

Jeremy Long
He’s my favorite teacher because he makes sure we have a good education but makes it fun st the same time

Derek Brimmer
Because he has came into this school district for the 1st time and he has made Social Studies one of the classes that i look forward to throughout the day.

A’ndrea Malpass
She has volunteered countless hours to starting the Harrisburg Junior Cheer program. Not to mention her continual involvement in all Harrisburg schools with fundraising, sports, volunteering in classrooms, all just because she loves Harrisburg.
.......Jennifer vogt

Mr. Jarman has been very supportive and understanding towards our son. He has been helpful and prompt in communicating with us about concerns we've had, and he goes out of his way to help our son when he is struggling. We appreciate him very much!
.........A Parent

Mr. Long has always been a great teacher to his students. He listens to them, and entertains their thoughts and ideas. He is always so positive. He makes learning fun. That is from my parent perspective. From my coach perspective...he went above and beyond this evening when we had a home basketball game. Our new Middle School cheer team had no place to warm up and run through our half time routine. All the gyms were being used. He saw us looking for a space and he offered his classroom to us. Yes, his classroom!!! He let us move the chairs and desks to the side and take over that entire space. We have 19 of us, so it's no small team. This was so huge for us and allowed for the team to feel more confident. He was so gracious to do this and we felt important and valued. This act of kindness reflected what an outstanding teacher, role model and community member Mr. Long is. THANK YOU! From, Harrisburg Junior Cheer and coach Andrea Malpass

Student of the Month
Abigail Hauke
Abby comes to class prepared and always has a smile on her face.  When she sees a need in class such as passing out papers or helping another classmate, Abby offers to help.  She is engaging in class and performs in class like it is her favorite subject.  I appreciate Abby's wonderful attitude and attention to class lessons.  Harrisburg Middle School and my classroom would be at a loss without Abby.   


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Get registration started online!!

We also now have a new online link in order to take care of student information. You will be receiving a letter with full instructions. Please click on link below when you are ready to get started. There will be computers available at the school during registration on the 22nd and 23rd if you would like help getting started.



We now have a new login for paying fees online called touchbase. You will need your students DBN number, if you do not have this number please call the office.Please DO NOT use pay schools anymore, instead you will need to go to the following link
Parents: Here is the link to TouchBase

  To fill out the free and reduced applications click on picture below

Nutrition: $1.55 per day
Lunch: $2.75 per day
Carton of milk only .30c



Opening the door for you to help the kids in our community. 

You can help our students at Harrisburg Middle school now by clicking on our donation site.
You can donate to four different areas, student body, band, sports and our counselor account. 
(click on picture link below)

All you have to do is click on the link above and you will be directed to the donation site. From there you will be able to enter your information, choose our school and the site you wish to donate to. It is super easy! Thank you in advance for your help and support!! GO EAGLES!

A student can only succeed if they have the right materials. Your donations to the general student body will go to buying much needed supplies for the students. 

Playing music can be so important in a kids life. Help supply our MS band kids with instruments, classroom instrument repair, sheet music and other needed band supplies.

So many students would love to play sports but the fees can be an obstacle the family can not overcome. Help our MS kids pay their sports fees. All sports are $75 per sport. 

Sometimes families are in need for many different reasons outside of school and our counselor is there to be a helping hand for them. Donating to this area would give her the ability to help families with many things ranging from clothing to food or anything that would be a hardship for them in their day to day living.