Visitors Please Check In

To ensure our students safety here at school, we REQUIRE all parents and visitors to check in at the office during school hours. Hallways tend to be very busy at the start and end of the school day. You are welcome to wait in the 
school lobby area by the front office. Thank you.
News and 
  Spring pictures will be April 27th

Getting to know our staff

We are showcasing two of our employees. 

Kris Dilley,

 Kris is one of our most valued EA's at the MS. Kris  actually went from kindergarten all they way to graduation right here in Harrisburg! One thing most people do not know about her is that she was the yearbook editor at her high school. Kris has been married to her high school sweetheart Shawn, for 19 wonderful years! They are blessed with 3 children. Tyler who is in college, Katlynn who is a junior at HHS and Trevor who is a freshman at HHS.  Kris loves to spend time with her family and some of her favorite things to do with them are to go camping and to cook with them. Kris wanted to be a teacher so it was a perfect fit for her to come to work at the ES 10 years ago after having the privilege to be a stay at home Mom until her youngest began school. She started as an EA in Mrs Henry's kindergarten  room and moved up each year from 1st-3rd grade until 4th grade when she came to the MS. Kris is now going on her 6th year here with us. She primarily works with our 7th and 8th graders but gets to see each student everyday at nutrition and lunch. Her bright smile is always there to greet us all and every student who know her knows she is a confidant and sounding board for them whenever they need one.
When I asked her what her favorite part of her job was she without hesitation she simply said... The kids.                                                                                                                                                                                        Thank you Kris!!

Lisa Borchers,

 Lisa was born in Glendale Ca, her family moved to Canyon Country Ca when she was 5 where she got to live across the street from her Grandparents and enjoyed swimming in their pool. When she was in 4th grade they moved to Brooking Or where she lived until she graduated high school. Lisa moved to Harrisburg Or in 2000. Lisa is the mother of 3, Brady who is a pharmacy tech at Albertson's while going to OSU. Bailey is a full time student at O
SU and Madelynn who will be graduating HS early this year.  Lisa was a stay at home mom until 2003 when she became a SUB EA at the Elementary school. She did this until 2010 when she became a permanent employee at the MS. In 2013 she moved to the HS part time and began doing our HOP program part time. In 2013 she also decided to go back to school to get her teachers degree at Grand Canyon University online program. In 2014 she came back to us at the MS where she was now doing our HOP program full time. She was able to do this while student teaching in Mrs Sims classroom. Lisa Graduated from college April 2016. She is now a full time teacher here at the MS teaching 6th grade Social Studies and Study Hall, while still running HOP. She believes that all kids learn in their own way and the HOP program is one way in which to help them. Lisa has enjoyed being a part of something new and seeing and helping the program grow. One thing a lot of people do not know about her is that she has been a vegetarian since she was in kindergarten and she was a lifeguard in HS.  Lisa is a huge supporter of our sports program and one of their biggest fans. She attends every HS football and basketball game home and away.When I asked her what the best part of her day is she says that it is when she can reach a student who is having a hard time and being able to show them that someone is on their side and is there to help them. 
                                                                                                                                           Thank you Lisa!!

Welcome to HMS
1st period begins at 8:20 am
Doors open at 8:15 am

7th period ends at 3:40 pm

Homeroom is only on Mondays. If there is no school on Monday there will be not be homeroom 
that week.

Please do not send students before 8 am. 
If there is a 2 hour delay or cancellation you will receive a call from the district office. You can also check our Facebook page and look for an email from our office. Here is the schedule for our 2 hour delay.

1st Period 10:20 – 11:00

2nd Period 11:03 – 11:43

3rd Period 11:46 – 12:26

4th Period 12:29 –  1:08

Lunch 1:08 – 1:48

5th Period 1:51-  2:25

6th  Period 2:28 -3:02

7th Period 3:05 – 3:40