Why Music Therapy?

Music Therapy & Neurologic Music Therapy Service, South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

Music is a very powerful medium and can affect us all deeply in many ways.  

Music Therapy can help people of all ages with a range of needs, often related to disability, illness or injury.  
For example:
  • physical, cognitive or sensory impairment
  • learning disabilities
  • those on the autistic spectrum
  • loss & bereavement
  • the elderly (including those with dementia)
  • people with a life limiting or life threatening condition
  • acquired brain injury
  • neurological conditions
Participation in a music therapy session (individual or group) does not require any previous music training or experience and can include creating improvised music as a means of self expression, using music for stimulation or relaxation, listening to music and being listened to.  

Music Therapy is a psychological therapy which uses the unique qualities of music as a means of interaction and communication between therapist and client.  Attentive listening on the part of the therapist is combined with shared musical improvisation using instruments and voice so that people can communicate in their own musical language, whatever their level of ability.

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