Dance Moot XIV

4th February 2017

The Shire of Harpelstane once again invites you to a day of warm company and dancing to relieve the cold, dark, northern winter, with wonderful music provided by the renowned Gaita.

This year the event will have a new format: not only do we have a new site but there will be A&S activities and a simple lunch, as well as the traditional dance classes and evening ball, which this year will include a feast.

The site is a local bus or train out of the centre of Edinburgh (see directions page)  in the ancient Templar village of Ecclesmachan. Site opens at 9:30 am: activities will run from 10 am to 10:30 pm.  

Site fee: £15 including simple lunch and feast. Payment in advance is not necessary, but gentles who turn up without booking may have to be turned away (due to a limit on the number the site can accommodate).

Crash space in shire members' homes may be available; please indicate upon booking if you desire this.

Event Stewards: Lady Rosaline de Preston (Ericka Smith) and Lord Thorkil Godredsson (Tara Smith)Address: 15 Bridge Street, Saline, Fife, KY12 9TS 
Phone: 01383 851169

Feast by: Lady Rosaline de Preston

Reservations: please email Lord Thorkil or complete the booking form.

Date: 4th Fubruary 2017

Location: Ecclesmachan & Threemiletown Village Hall, Byburn
Ecclesmachan, Broxburn

West Lothian, EH52 6NG

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