Physical Science

Welcome to Crane Union High School!  I am looking forward to another great year! We will begin the year with some Earth Science, because we have a very important project we will be working on this fall.  As many of you have heard, no more well permits will be issued in Harney County due to the drought.  This "spurred" the USGS and OWRD to begin the process of creating a geological map of the Harney Basin, which includes Burns, Crane, Frenchglen, Double O, Diamond, and Suntex.  These areas receive their water from water underground, which in turn, gets its water from watersheds from snow runoff from the surrounding mountains and other sources.  

I have been asked by Michael Cummings, professor of Emeritus from Portland State University to begin to collect Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) information from already existing wells in these areas.  This class will be the project leads in helping to design a program for the rural schools in participating in this important project.  We will learn more about this process and the geology of the earth in the building of this activity. The data we collect will help geologists know where to dig their test wells to complete the geological mapping and to hopefully locate more water sources for the benefit of our community. I am very excited about this worthwhile project! Check out our website under the "Next Generation Science Standards" tab and on the "home" tab for updates!

UPDATE! A grant written by Dr. Michael Cummings and his team was awarded and Crane Districts are a partner which means we will have funding to hopefully finish the project this year.  I've also redesigned the education component to better meet the Oregon 2014 standards, so the students will be developing a model to help them understand what is really going on with the Basin. 

UPDATE! With the grant funding, we were able to hire two high school students as interns to complete our project.  We worked with a Portland State University graduate student in collecting water samples for isotopic studies.  The results won't be available until November on the isotope testing, and then they will be added to our map.  To see the results of our tests here.
Connie Robbins,
Aug 21, 2016, 2:14 PM