Welcome back! It's going to be a great year!!
Recent Announcements:
Welcome to our class website!  It is my desire to have better communication with you, the student, and your parents in concepts you are learning in class and up-coming activities.  This is also to help you stay abreast of what we are doing in class if you are absent. However, ATTENDANCE IS OF THE UPMOST IMPORTANCE!!! When you are not at school, you miss VALUABLE information you may need for future tests, etc!!! Please feel free to click around the site...I've given links to the Crane Union High School page for your convenience!

I post grades every Monday, so if you want to check updated grades on FamilyLink, Monday evenings or Tuesdays mornings are the best times to check for updated grades! 

All classes will have to know something about lab safety.  Biology, Chemistry, Forensics and physical science will take and pass [with a 90% or better] a lab safety quiz and will be required to have signed a lab safety contract.  Other classes will be notified of some lab safety rules only because they will be utilizing the science lab.
Keeping Track:
Please be sure to click on your class name at the left of the page to see what we we will be learning throughout the year! I try to keep it updated at least once per month!

BE SURE YOUR LAB JOURNAL IS IN THE TUB EVERY THURSDAYS!  NO JOURNAL, NO GRADE.  IT MAY AFFECT YOUR ELIGIBILITY!! Exceptions are when you take them home for your parents to review and/or prearranged activities!

For those who want to access and follow the Water in the Harney Basin project website with the Harney Rockers (CUHS Physical Science class). 
Go to: