Welcome back! Online Format Information!
Recent Announcements:
Welcome to our class website!  It will be important to have good communication with you, the student, and your parents in helping you to learn the concepts online during this COVID-19 "stay at home" break.  The main curriculum is Odysseyware provided by Silvies River Charter School. I will also be using the Google Classroom platform for some assignments and helpful information.  Unless the Oregon Dept. of Education says otherwise, your work you do at home is required for you to meet the 4th Quarter credits.

We are moving into "new territory" for most of the teachers and students [AND PARENTS]. Please be patient as we convert to a new format and method of teaching. This endeavor requires a team consisting of all of us; families, students and teachers. We don't want to overwhelm everyone, so please be sure to communicate any needs and concerns so we can help work them out TOGETHER!

ATTENDANCE IS OF THE UPMOST IMPORTANCE!!! Your Advisory teacher [assigned to you] will be in contact daily. Your responsibility is to respond to him/her daily. This is how attendance will be taken.

How grades will be posted is still being worked out. We will let you know when we get more information.

Keeping Track:
Please be sure to click on your class name at the left of the page to see what the weekly schedule will be! We are learning new formats like Google Hangouts/Meets to have a more interactive connection to you, families and students. To contact me for questions, support, and educational advice, click "Contact Me".

Online Norms/behaviors for using Google Meets and ZOOM:
Coming soon! Will be located under the course expectations tab.

Interactive Notebooks will not be in use at this time.

For those who want to access and follow the Water in the Harney Basin project website with the Harney Rockers (CUHS Physical Science class). 
Go to: