School Profile

Overhills High School

2495 Ray Road, Spring Lake NC 28390

School Profile


Principal:    Mr.  Steve Matthews

Assistant Principals 

David Frazier (2230)   

Nicole Overton (4225)                                              

Tara Thompson (1118)

Jermaine White (5119)


Ines Stubbs* (1110) (Chair)

Natalie James (1107)

Nicole Norris (1108)

Martha Parker (1111)

Alisha Waters (1109)  

Counseling Office   Dianne Crosby, Registrar: 1104   

Guidance fax: 910-436-5870

Maria Robinson Data Manager: 1106



All English English III
 Math I, II, III English IV
 Pre-CalculusUS History
Discrete MathBiology
 American Hist. I and II European Hist.
 World Hist. Calculus
 Civics Statistics
 Earth Science World Hist. 
 Spanish 3 and 4 
 French 3 and 4 
 Theater IV-VIII 
 Band IV-VIII 
 Orchestra IV-VIII 
 Vocal Music IV-VIII 

North Carolina Virtual Public School

AP Computer

AP Psychology

Medieval Studies

AP Calculus

AP Biology


Art of Game Design




Peer Tutoring program requires a 3.3 GPA

Career and College Promise:
Courses include Pre-Calculus/Algebra, General Psychology, Elementary Spanish, Criminology, Juvenile Justice, Western Civilization, Expository Writing and Child, Family & Community.

Community and School

Overhills High School first opened its doors in the fall of 2004. It is a state-of-the art public school serving a growing community within a rural setting with close proximity to Fort Bragg Army Base. Overhills High School has an enrollment of 1850 students in grades 9-12.  Students attend school in a concentrated curriculum or “block” schedule consisting of four courses in 90 minute blocks each semester. Four year college attendance 2014-15 is estimated at 32%; Two year college attendance: 11%; Technical School: 3%: Military: 22%; Other: 16% (graduating class of 2015).


SACS & The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction accredit Overhills High School.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements for 9th graders entering high school 2012-2013 and later: Future Ready Core: (All Students)

English I, II, III, IV; Math I, Math II, Math III and a fourth Math aligned with the student’s post high school plans; and Earth, Physical and Biological Science; World History, American History 1 and 2, and Civics and Economics; Health and PE.

Recommended Courses: Two electives of a second language (in line with minimum admissions requirements for NC colleges); Four elective credits strongly recommended from Career Technical courses, JROTC, Arts Ed and any other subject areas concentrating in core class curriculum.


Class rank is determined by a weighted grade point average calculated on a 4.0 scale. Under North Carolina law, public high schools must generate a standardized high school transcript that includes a standardized system of class rank.  Advanced Placement (AP) courses earn one additional quality points. Honors courses earn .5 of an additional quality point.

 A 90-100 3.63-4.0
 B 80-89 2.63-3.50
 C 70-79 1.63-2.50
 D 60-69 1.0-1.50
 F 0-59 0.0



 Additional Graduation Requirements Harnett County Schools exit standards for students include required attendance, 26 course credits and the three end-of-course (EOC) exams for Math I, English 2 and Biology.

Sports and Organized Clubs
Students may chose from 22 sports and approximately 29 clubs and organizations. Additionally Army JROTC Program (Honor Unit with Distinction) is available.