Patricia Harmon-Lewis
910-893-8151 ext. 404

Welcome to the Public Relations Department 

The Public Relations Department responds to requests for information and serves as the news media's point of contact 
for Harnett County Schools. 

      Public Relations is responsible for:  
  • Public Relations
    • Promoting district 
    • Communicating district events and news 
    • Serves as the media’s liaison to the district
    • Coordinates media releases for local newspapers/TV/radio
    • Marketing, publicity, and publications 
    • Works with schools to promote the positive accomplishments of students and teachers 
    • Serves as a point of contact for parents and the community when they are seeking information or wanting 
    • to share a suggestion or concern 
    • Point of contact for district website
    • Public records requests
  • Community Schools
    • Facilities Rental
    • Coordinates Harnett Off Broadway 
    • Coordinates the Volunteer Program 
    • Builds business and community support for Harnett County Schools 
Community Partnerships   
Harnett County Schools seeks partnerships with parents, local businesses, faith-based organizations, 
and institutions of higher education.