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Financial Aid & Scholarships


Federal Student Aid

Federal Student Aid, a part of the U.S. Department of Education, is the largest provider of student financial aid in the nation. At the office of Federal Student Aid, our 1,200 employees help make college education possible for every dedicated mind by providing more than $150 billion in federal grants, loans, and work-study funds each year to more than 15 million students paying for college or career school. We are proud to sponsor millions of American minds pursuing their educational dreams. FAFSA link:

Scholarship Opportunities 

From US News-5 Reasons Why Scholarships Are Essential: Click here to see it.
Scholarships are no longer just a bonus. They're crucial for bridging the gap between the increasing cost of tuition and what you and your family can afford to pay out of pocket.
Your child's High School Counselor will encourage your child to explore scholarship opportunities that can help support their desire to achieve a college degree.