Engineering Project Ideas

Classroom activity is any activity you can do in your classrooms and labs that involve your students to collaborate in small groups to accomplish a certain task or plan and conduct an investigation.
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Project NameDomain / Big IdeaConcept(s) CoveredCommentsLink 1Link 2Link 3Link 4DifficultyClassroom Activity
Project NameDomain / Big IdeaConcept(s) CoveredCommentsLink 1Link 2Link 3Link 4DifficultyClassroom Activity
Rocketry(TARC) Aerospace Engineering Aerodynamics  apogeerockets    Advanced  
Arduino Password Unlock Door Security System Computer Science  Arduino Based Door Security System instructables    Advanced  
FabFM Radio Kit Computer Science Circuits & Soldering  sparkfun    Simple  
7” Portable Multitouch Raspberry Pi Tablet Electrical Engineering 3d printing, Coding & Programming (Python Language), Soldering  adafruit    Advanced  
First Tech Challange Mechanical Engineering Robotics, Mechatronics  firstinspires    Advanced  
Shell Eco Marathon Mechanical Engineering Auto Industry, Mechatronics  shell    Advanced  
SparkFun BigTime Watch Kit Electrical Engineering Circuits & Soldering  sparkfun    Simple  
TIMESQUARE DIY Watch Kit - Red Display Matrix Electrical Engineering Circuits & Soldering  adafruit    Simple  
OpenROV Electrical Engineering Robotics and Control Systems  openrov    Advanced  
Solder:Time DIY watch kit Electrical Engineering Circuits & Soldering  adafruit    Simple  
littleBits Gizmos and Gadgets Kit Electrical Engineering Circuits  sparkfun    Simple  
Punk LED Collar Kit - Red LEDs Computer Science Circuits & Soldering  adafruit    Simple  
Sparki Computer Science Coding & Programming (C Language)  arcbotics    Simple  
Solder : Time II Watch Kit Computer Science Circuits & Soldering  sparkfun    Simple  
SparkFun Learn to Solder - Simon Says Computer Science Circuits & Soldering  sparkfun    Simple  
10" Raspberry Pi Desktop Electrical Engineering 3d printing, Coding & Programming (Python Language), Soldering  adafruit    Advanced  
Gravity Car Mechanical Engineering Energy, motion  harmonyphysics    Advanced  
CircuitScribe Electrical Engineering Circuits You may use project ignite for your project Electroninks Projectignite Project Page   Simple  
Weather Balloons Aerospace Engineering Control Systems  highaltitudescience    Advanced  
Thermal Receipt Printer Guts Computer Science Coding & Programming (Python Language), Soldering  adafruit    Intermediate  
Pinhole Camera Mechanical Engineering Optics  kodak    Intermediate  
Ardusat Computer Science Coding & Programming (C Language), Simple Circuits  harmonyphysics    Intermediate  
Arduino Extension Kit Computer Science Coding & Programming (C Language)  amazon amazon   Intermediate  
Balsa Wood bridge Civil Engineering Force and Directions, Newton`s Laws  pitsco    Intermediate  
Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit Computer Science Coding & Programming (Python Language)  sparkfun amazon   Intermediate  
Adafruit IoT Pi Printer Project Pack - Includes Raspberry Pi Electrical Engineering Coding & Programming (Python Language), Soldering  adafruit    Intermediate  
Seaperch Electrical Engineering Robotics and Control Systems  seaperch    Intermediate  
Electric Cigar Box Guitar Electrical Engineering Acoustic, Sound  harmonyphysics    Intermediate  
DIY Xylophone Computer Science Acoustic, Sound  instructables    Intermediate  
LED`s Circuit Electrical Engineering Electric Circuit, Ohm`s law      Intermediate  
SparkFun Inventor's Kit Lab Pack V3.2 Computer Science Coding & Programming (C Language)  sparkfun    Intermediate  
Future City Civil Engineering Constructionall Analysis  futurecity    Intermediate  
Arduino 101 Lab Pack Computer Science Coding & Programming (C Language)  sparkfun    Intermediate  
Arduino Starter Kit Computer Science Coding & Programming (C Language)  amazon    Intermediate  
Earthquake Project-Safer Buildings Mechanical Engineering Resonance, Waves  pitsco    Intermediate  
Home Made CNC Machine (Does not Carve but Draw) Mechanical Engineering Arduino, Coding, Coordinate System  YouTube    Advanced  
Air Hockey Robot with a 3D Printer Mechanical Engineering Air Drag, Face Tracking Software, Coordinate System  YouTube    Advanced  
Arduino Practice Experiments Electrical Engineering Arduino Basics Purchase the Arduino 101 Lab Pack (It has 10 kits) and it has instructions for 21 experiments SparkFun    Intermediate  
Solar Roller Electrical Engineering   harmonyphysics    Intermediate  
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