Our classroom motto:

All About Your Teacher!

My name is Ginger Frazier.  I have taught at Harmony ISD for 22 years.  I have a husband named Robert and 2 children, Sutton and Adlee. Children are our future and I will always work hard to give every child the opportunity to learn and grow throughout the year.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.  The school number is 903-725-5496 and my email address is frazierg@harmonyisd.net

Don't forget...
Please remind your child to bring their homework, library books, and Journeys book back to school each day.  Learning responsibility is a big part of 2nd grade.  Please help your child to be responsible!


*Always check your child's Homework sheet for homework assignments.

Please sign your child's homework sheet each night.

*Please clean out your child's folder each night. (papers)


Valentine Party-Feb. 14
Please have your child bring valentine cards/favors for the class.You will need to send some kind of container for their cards.  You can buy one or be creative and make one at home. 

Please check your child's folder nightly.  Clean out old papers and sign homework sheet.

Fundraisers are due Oct.2!


Please sign up for the Remind texts.  I send lots of info through this feature. Text-@46da3 to 81010

Also, please let your child sign into Google Classroom to access lots of activities that we will be covering during the week!

James Poole Elementary Student Calendar

Lesson Plans
February 11-15

Reading-We will be reading Dex:  The Heart of a Hero.
Student Objective: I can read the story and understand its story elements.

Math-We will continue our unit on data.  We will learn to use bar graphs, tables, pictographs, and tally charts.  Students will be able to create a graph using data collected.

Phonics-We will be reviewing r-controlled vowels.
ar-cart    er-her    ur-fur
or-fork    ir-bird

Writing-We will continue to work on "How-To" stories.  These are procedural stories that include steps on how to make or do an activity.

Social Studies/Science-We will be learning about inventors and their inventions.

Lunch Menu


Tuesday-Chicken Fajitas
Wednesday-Popcorn Chicken

Thursday-Ham and Cheese Sub

Friday-Cheese Pizza


horn north shore score store corn for report storm forty morning fork short born tore forget more force cord story

Spelling test on Fridays!

Spelling Ideas:

*Spray shaving cream on table and write words with fingers

*Write words with a stick in the dirt

*Write words in ABC order