The Hartford Disability

HISD Group Disability Benefits From The Hartford
What is Disability Insurance? 
Disability Insurance pays you a portion of your earnings if you cannot work because of a disabling illness or injury. You have the opportunity to purchase Disability Insurance through your employer. This highlight sheet is an overview of your Long-Term Disability Insurance. 
Once a group policy is issued to your employer, a certificate of insurance will be available to explain your coverage in detail.
Why do I need Disability Coverage? 
Most accidents and injuries that keep people off the job happen outside the workplace and therefore are not covered by worker’s compensation. When you consider that nearly three in 10 workers entering the workforce today will become disabled before retiring, it’s protection you won’t want to be without. 
What is disability? 
Disability is defined in The Hartford’s* contract with your employer. Typically, disability means that you cannot perform one or more of the essential duties of your occupation due to injury, sickness, pregnancy or other medical condition covered by the insurance, and as a result, your current monthly earnings are 80% or less of your pre-disability earnings. 
Once you have been disabled for 24 months, you must be prevented from performing one or more of the essential duties of any occupation and as a result, your current monthly earnings are 60% or less of your pre-disability earnings. 
Am I eligible? 
You are eligible if you are an active employee who works at least 20 hours per week on a regularly scheduled basis.
How much coverage would I have? 
You may purchase coverage that will pay you a monthly flat dollar benefit in $100 increments between $200 and $7,500 that cannot exceed 66 2/3% of your current monthly earnings. Your plan includes a minimum benefit of 25% of your elected benefit. Earnings are defined in The Hartford’s contract with your employer. 
When can I enroll?
If you choose not to elect coverage during this period, you will not be eligible to elect coverage until the next annual enrollment period without a qualifying change in family status. 
When is it effective? 
Coverage goes into effect subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. In no case will newly elected benefits become effective sooner than September 1, 2013.  You must satisfy the definition of Actively at Work with your employer on the day your coverage takes effect.
What does “Actively at Work” mean? 
You must be at work with your Employer on your regularly scheduled workday. On that day, you must be performing for wage or profit all of your regular duties in the usual way and for your usual number of hours. If school is not in session due to normal vacation or school break (s), Actively at Work shall mean you are able to report for work with your Employer, performing all of the regular duties of Your Occupation in the usual way for your usual number of hours as if school was in session.
How long do I have to wait before I can receive my benefit?
You must be disabled for at least the number of days indicated by the elimination period that you select before you can receive a Long-Term Disability benefit payment. 
For those employees electing an elimination period of 30 days or less, if your are confined to a hospital for 24 hours or more due to a disability, the elimination period will be waived, and benefits will be payable from the first day of disability.