Retirement Checklist

TRS Retirement Checklist
Contact the Administration office at HISD and set up a discussion appointment with 
Lena Williamson if you plan to retire in the near future.  

Retiring is a process that requires time and information from you the retiree and the district.
1.  Approximately six months before your anticipated retirement date, submit a request for a retirement estimate and packet. As soon as you receive your retirement          estimate and packet, review the information carefully. If service and salary data on your estimate(s) does not agree with your records, notify TRS immediately.          2.  Complete the documents provided in your retirement packet, following the instructions in the packet: 
 “Application for Service Retirement” form (TRS 30) 
 “Partial Lump-Sum Option (PLSO) Election” form (TRS 30P)
 “Application for Disability Retirement” form (TRS 59) if applicable 
 “Statement of Member in Claim for Disability Retirement” form (TRS 59A) if applicable 
 “Statement of Attending Physician in Claim for Disability Retirement form (TRS 58) if applicable 
 “Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) Distribution Election” form (TRS 573), if applicable 
 “Notice of Final Deposit Before Retirement” form (TRS 7). Give form TRS 7 to your employer (school district, college, etc.). The TRS reporting official at your place of          employment must complete this form and mail it to TRS. 
 “Direct Deposit Request” form (TRS 278) 
 “Income Tax Withholding Form” (TRS 228A) 
 Complete any other forms included in your packet and return them directly to TRS as soon as possible before your retirement date 

3.  Send copies of birth records for you and your primary beneficiary. Print your name and the last four digits of your social security number on your and your beneficiary’s birth records. 

4.  Complete purchase of special service credit. 

5.  Contact TRS-Care or another group health plan for eligibility and enrollment information. Note: If you are eligible for TRS-Care at retirement, you will receive an Initial Enrollment Application and a TRS-Care Enrollment Guide once your “Application for Service Retirement” form (TRS 30) is received at TRS. 

6.  If you are not eligible for TRS-Care, contact the benefits office at your place of employment to determine whether you may be eligible for other health benefit coverage after retirement. 

7.  Terminate employment with all TRS-covered employers, including any paid or unpaid leave status, by the effective date of your retirement.