Sun Life Dental Plan

Dental PPO Harmony Independent School District
How do I know I’m eligible to participate in this plan? You can participate in this plan if you are a full-time employee of the policyholder or an associated company, and work in the United States. Full-time means working 20 hours or more per week. Temporary or seasonal workers are not eligible. Key Advantages of This Plan 
Your plan includes our Lifetime of Smiles® program, with benefits many people prefer, such as brush biopsies for the early detection of oral cancer. • Your plan includes Preventive Max Waiver®, which allows covered dental expenses for preventive service to not apply to the annual maximum. 
Assurant ® Dental Network the PPO network for your plan, includes 100,000+ unique dentists contracted with Dental Health Alliance, L.L.C. (DHA) and dentists under access arrangements with other dental networks. To find a dentist in your area, or to nominate your dentist to participate in our network, go to, under PPO plan select your network, or call our customer service at 888.901.6377. 

IMPORTANT: Coverage for eligible employees will begin September 1, 2018. You must sign up by the Initial Enrollment Deadline, or forfeit the opportunity until the next plan anniversary date. 

How does my plan work? Your plan covers a range of services for you and your family. Highlights of your benefits can be found below. Benefits are paid after any applicable deductible has been met, up to the annual maximum. For more specific information, please ask to see the certificate of insurance. 

Your Cost for Dental Insurance Cost for Dental Insurance 
For you $32.89
For you and your spouse $66.44 
For you and your children $66.84
For you and your family $109.26

How can using a network dentist help lower my costs? You are free to use the dentist or specialist of your choice. However, when you choose a dentist in the Assurant® Dental Network, your plan’s PPO network, you may save money. Using a network dentist may lower your out-of-pocket costs and can make your annual maximum go further.

Plan Features  
                                                                                In Network                                Out of Network
Calendar Year Maximum For each person                   $1000                                         $1000
Deductible per person, per calendar year                    $50                                             $50 
Waived for Class I Preventive                                       Yes                                              Yes
Family limit of 3 individuals 

Adult and Child Orthodontia
Class IV Orthodontia coinsurance                                  50%                                           50%
Lifetime orthodontia maximum                                  $1000                                         $1000

Coinsurance Percentage
Class I Preventative                                                        100%                                        100%  
Class II Basic                                                                  80%                                           80% 
Class III Major                                                                50%                                           50%

For more detailed plan information view the brochure Sun Life Financial Dental Plan