A few things to remember:
Assignment book - every teacher writes down the class assignment and expects each student to do the same in their book. This helps keep everyone on the same track. Mrs. Cargal furnishes one for each student, and it is their job to keep up with it.

Eagle folders - These usually go home on Tuesdays with notes and graded papers. There will be a sheet for you to initial that you have seen the folder/papers. The folder goes home on Thursday following the end of the six weeks because of report cards.

Homework folder - This is a very important organizational tool. Your child will keep his/her homework in this folder. One side will be for 'work to be completed' and the other for 'work to be graded/turned in'.

If you have any questions, please call the school (903-725-7077) and leave a message with Mrs. Lindsey, our secretary, or email us. My email address is mccools@harmonyisd.net

See "Announcements Page" for important dates.
It is very important to sign your child's assignment book every night and their Eagle folders/Progress Reports on Tuesdays (Thursdays for Report Cards).   I give a 'thumbs up' when it is signed and a 'thumbs down' when it is not. Two 'thumbs down' in a week will result in a lunch detention.
Please check your child's homework folder. We had several instances of work not being completed this week.

Eagle Folders usually go home on Tuesdays!
Please keep the graded papers that are sent home in Eagle Folders  unless it is a test/work that needs to be corrected (will usually have a stamp on it or the teacher will have made a note).

If you have any questions about procedures in the 4th grade, a letter was sent home the first week explaining homework folders, Eagle folders, daily reading, etc. 

In my class, classwork becomes homework when it is not finished by the time the bell rings unless otherwise directed.

Attendance is very important! Your child cannot learn if he/she is not at school!!!

Daily Schedule
1st Period - Social Studies/Writing 4A
2nd Period - Social Studies/Writing 4B
3rd Period - Conference
4th Period -STAAR Prep 4A
5th Period -Social Studies/Writing 4C
6th Period - STAAR Prep 4B
7th Period -Social Studies/Writing 4B

The last bell of the day rings at 3;23. All students will be dismissed at this time.

Emilyn Grace