Valentines Party @ 11:45- Thurs. Feb 14th
Presidents Day- No School, Mon. Feb 18

What We're Learning:
Week of February 11, 2019

Math: We will solve math problems using related facts (fact families).

  Homework Tuesday/Thursday 

Reading: We will read Little Rabbit's Tale and make predictions as we read.
Sight Words:  
door, more, mother, old, try, use, want, wash 

Grammar/ Writing: We make connections to our story through writing.

Phonics: We will read, write, and identify compound words. We will review letter clusters (blends/digraphs/vowel teams). 

Journey's Reader Phonics Homework Practice:
TUESDAY: Pages 123-130
WEDNESDAY: Pages 133-140

Science: We will learn about physical properties and changes by observing and experimenting with candy.

Spelling Words:  
Spelling List 
1. bedtime
2. sunset
3. bathtub
4. sailboat
5. flagpole
6. backpack
7. playpen
8. raincoat
9. inside
10. himself
11. homemade
12. rowboat

Take your backpack with you.

                           Spelling Tests will be on Fridays. 

*Please make sure to study these spelling words with your child every night.
(ex. write 3x each, spell aloud verbally, write with different colors, etc.)

Sentences will be graded as each word with a value of 1 point EXCEPT the spelling word (which will be included in the total). 1 point off each for missed capitals and punctuation.