Home Week of May 14th

Mrs. Adams' First Grade News


We will continue working on Graphing and begin our unit on Financial Literacy.


We will understand Characters.

High Frequency Words

brothers, everyone, field, loved, most, only, people, sorry


We will work with words with prefixes un- and re-.


We will work on a first grade memory book.


We will learn about Living and Non-Living things.

Social Studies


  1. even
  2. open
  3. begin
  4. baby
  5. tiger
  6. music
  7. paper
  8. zero
  9. table
  10. below
  11. because
  12. silent
1.   Let's begin the movie.

2.   We saw a tiger at the zoo.

***** We will practice these words at school but not test on them due to Awards day on Thursday, and Field day on Friday!                 

Special News

First Grade Awards will be on May 17th at 9:30 in the Elementary gym.

Field day will be on Friday May 18th.
Kona Ice will be at field day.  Snow cone prices range from $3.00-$5.00
Please make sure to sign your child's folder every night