Lesson Plans

 Date         LessonAssignmentObjectives
5/15"The Great Wall of China" -Brainpop.com

1) View video
2) Complete the following Activities:
    a) Draw it
    b) Think About it
    c) Quiz
6.1B, 6.3A, 6.5B, 6.7B
5/16Ch. 24 "Southeast Asia"
pgs. 780-801
Create a Foldable:
1) On the back draw and label the 11 countries in Southeast Asia
2) Complete the 3 column chart labeled:
    a) "Geography" identify 3 unique geographic features 
    b) "History" make a time line of events during the Spice Trade
    c) "Culture Diversity" explain why SE Asia is such a cultural diverse region
4D, 4E, 5A, 6A, 6B
1A, 2B, 7A, 11A, 15F, 17A
4B, 4C, 18A, 
1st period: Geography Bingo
2nd-3rd: 6th and 7th grade awards
periods 5-7th (will be gone to get Physicals)  

5/18Ch. 25 " South Asia"
pgs 807 -827
Summarize "South Asia" by
1) Creating 3 concept webs for each lesson. 
2) Identify/describe 5 main ideas for each Lesson
6.4D, 6.6B, 6.6C
6.1A, 6.2B, 6.7A, 6.15F, 6.16A
6.4C, 6.15B, 15C, 15F, 20A

Building Skills by Exploring Maps:1) Japan
2) India
6.4D, 6.5B

Class Schedule:
1st Period: 8:00-8:50
2nd Period: 8:55-9:45
3rd Period: 9:50-10:35
Conference: 12:25-1:06
High School Athletics: 11:17-12:25
Lunch/Duty: 10:35-11:10
6th Period: 1:10-1:40 (Advisory)
7th Period:1:45-2:35
8th Period: 2:40-3:30 (JH Athletics)

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Job Title:
  • 6th grade Social Studies Teacher
  • Varsity/JV/JH Defensive Line Coach (Football)
  • Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach
  • JH Track Coach