Course Description

An introductory course to foster an awareness and understanding of fine art and graphic design as they relate to modern society.  Design problems are explored through the use of various two-dimensional and Three-dimensional materials and methods.  Students will explore the history of art, emphasizing aesthetics and criticism.  Students will learn to appreciate art through production and related creative thinking activities. 

Art Goals

To identify and comprehend the elements and principles of design.

To utilize and manipulate a variety of materials and methods.

To explore the historical, critical and aesthetic components of art.




Pencils, Erasers & Sharpener

Art shirt

Grading and Evaluation
Each assignment will be given a point value; total points will determine your grade. 
Composition / Design - How effectively the elements/ principles are used              
Materials / Methods - How effectively the techniques are executed 
Creativity / Originality - How effectively the idea is communicated 
Aesthetics / Craftsmanship - How effectively the work is presented 
Specifications / Effort - How effectively the work is completed                                                    

Students are expected to participate, students not participating will lose points.

Every Friday a sketchbook drawing will be due.  This drawing should take 30 to 45 minutes to complete.  The students may work on their sketchbook after they finish their projects, during class, or at home.  Each one will be worth 10 point.  If absent, each student is responsible for turning in their sketchbook upon returning.  One point will be subtracted from the grade for every late day.

Extra Credit

Students may turn in an extra sketchbook assignment on Fridays for extra credit.

Daily Reward

Students are to enter the room, pick up a slip of paper, go to their desk and fill out the daily reward question.  All papers will be put in a bucket.  The first name drawn with the correct answer will receive a reward.  If no one gets the question correct all names will be put back into the bucket and a winner will be drawn.

Emge Junior High Expectations and Procedures

Remain seated at all times unless given permission to leave the seat.

Examine all work prior to turning it in; include proper heading.

Stay quiet; wait to be called on.

Prepare for class daily bringing homework, books, pens/pencils, paper, etc.

Exercise good judgment before speaking; you may end up eating your words.

Consider others and their property; remember the Golden Rule.

Talk only at appropriate times; raise hand for acknowledgement.

*In addition, further explanation of rules are located in the School District handbook