10/2 - 10/6 

Monday    10/2

Tuesday 10/3

Wednesday 10/4

Thursday 10/5

*Charac. Ed. T-shirt Money is due next Tuesday!

Friday   10/6

*NO Student Attendance (St. Clair County Teacher's Institute)

LiteratureGoogle Classroom Assignment (due at the end of second class period on Tuesday!)Cont. work!Spectrum Wksht/Finish Google Assignment!
Library Day!

Englishcont.  and Read 20 min. daily!Assignment due at the end of class!Book Fair Info.

*Poster due next Tuesday!
Comp./DOL wkshts.

Book Fair Poster is due next Tuesday!

MathPg 49 #1-5Study for quiz tomorrow
*turn in missing assignments
**turn in missing assignments! (check TeacherEase to see if you are missing anything)

 Pre-Algebra3-2 WS3-3 WS3-4 WS  
Mrs. Crawford
Acids & Bases Lab; BOP p. 108  1-10 written outReview for testCh 3 test; BOP due

Mr. Forby Science
Chapter 4 Study Guide
Finish section 4-1
read pages 123-127Finish and return all overdue assignments
 HistorySlide 11, chapter 6Jamestown Vs. Plymouth ReviewBritish Vs. French ReviewFrench & Indian War , Taxes and road to Revolution ReviewNo School
Writing Lab finish rough draft of narrative paperRough draft due tomorrowType/finish typing narrative paper  
10/9 - 10/13

Monday 10/9

*No Student Attendance (Columbus Day)

Tuesday 10/10

*Charac. Ed. T-shirt money is due!

Wednesday 10/11

Thursday 10/12

Friday 10/13

Book Fair Poster due!

MyON ( in class)
JS Magazine pronoun assignment (in class)JS Magazine "Tic Tac  Toe" assignment! (due tmrw at end of 2nd class period!)Library!

Pronoun Notes!

HMWK: STudy Notes for Quiz!
Practice Pronoun Quiz

Study for Quiz!!
*Look at code words for Bonus! :)
Code Words:
1st hr.- You
2nd hr.-Our
3rd. hr.-Its
Pronoun Quiz!
 (26 pts.)
Comp./DOL in class!

MyOn in class!
MathNo schoolSlope WSTip % problems on back of notes8th Hour:  Pick two problems off of % worksheet to do for tomorrowPercent of Change Worksheet: 2 from top section, 2 from middle section, 1 from bottom section
 Pre-Algebra No School   No homework 3-4 Worksheet3-5 Worksheet Odds 3-6 Worksheet (odds)
Mrs. Crawford

Start Ch. 4; Ch. 4 vocab p. 141   21 words due Thur.Read & discuss section 1 of Ch. 4Ch 4 vocab due
Mr. Forby Science

Chapter 4
Section 4-3
Due tomorrow
 Complete Chapter 4 study guide
section 4-4 due tomorrow
Chapter 4
P. 141 Vocabulary
(key terms)
Chapter 4 test is next Wednesday
October 18
 HistoryNo SchoolPresentations Begin
Writing Lab No HomeworkNo Homework No Homework
Mon.-Pennies, Tues.-Nickels, Wed.- Dimes, Thurs.-Quarters
Fri.- $1 = Dress Down Day!

Monday 10/16

Tuesday 10/17

Wednesday 10/18

Thursday 10/19

Friday  10/20

*1:35 Dismissal (Teacher Planning)

*Fall Festival!


Spectrum Wksht

(in class)

Intro. Lit. story- "Three Skeleton  Key"

*Study Voc.
Finish  story and begin Comprehension Ques. :
pg. 175 (1,2,4,5,6,7,)
due tmrw!
(use "RADMC")

Study Voc. for Test!
Lit Test!Library Day!


Lighthouse Activity/wksht.!

Begin reading story in class!cont. "RADMC" ques./answers!
(due tmrw)
*Begin "Three Skeleton Key" book cover!Comp. Wksht / DOL
 (in class)

*Cont. book cover!
MathStudy for test and finish note sheet!Continue studying for test!Extra Credit
 Pre-Algebra Study for testExtra Credit    Ratios Lesson 1 Homework   
Mrs. Crawford
Guided Pkt on chapter 4
Sec Rev p. 119 & 127Ch 4 Test Review; test is Wed. 10/25; BOP p. 142  1-10 written out
 Mr. Forby Science
Study for
 Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Test
Finish Section 4-1   Birds and Mammals - questions 1-27
HistoryPresentations    PresentationsPresentations & Pre-test Map packetMap packet
Writing Lab
10/23 - 10/27 
*BOOK FAIR (Oct. 23-25 during school!)
*We will be able to visit/purchase on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Monday  10/23


Tuesday  10/24


Wednesday 10/25


*1 Hour Early Dismissal  1:35

P/T Conferences 5:00 - 8:00

Thursday 10/26

*No Student Attendance

P/T Conferences All Day / Evening

     Friday     10/27

*No Student Attendance 

LiteratureComp. Wksht and Daily Edit
(in class)

*Return "Three Skeleton Key Tests!

1st Qtr. Goal Reflection and 2nd Qtr. Goal Setting (in class)

BOOK FAIR VISIT if you bring money!

EnglishMyOn Time 
(in class)
Book Recommendations (in class)

MyOn time 

In class work!


Mrs. Crawford
start paper vs. plastic; study for test; study for testCh 4 Test; BOP due

 Mr. Forby Science

Animals Study Guide  section 4-3 due
HistoryPresentations    PresentationPresentation
Writing Lab   Explanatory writing packet 1-4 due  

10/30 - 11/3 

Monday 10/30

Tuesday 10/31

*1/2 Day Student Attendance

11:35 Dismissal


$1 or more "Dress Up/Dress Down Day!"

Wednesday 11/1

Thursday 11/2

Friday  11/3


Creative Writing Story/Wkshts!

In class work!JS Magazine wksht(turn in)Return Daily Edit practice Wksht. (use it to study for  Quiz!)Library Day!

Daily Edit Quiz over Wksht!

cont. story and finish for hmwk.

In class work!Cont. JS Wksht!

MyON if time!
DOL Wksht!Comp. Wksht/DOL (in class)

MathNo homeworkYellow Extra Credit (optional)
*8th Hour will receive tomorrow!
3rd Hour: pg 195

8th Hour: pg 194
Pg. 207 #1-9
 Pre-Algebra 5-4 Continued Worksheet (due Wed)No Homework     5-5 WS Study for QuizNo homework 
Mrs. Crawford
paper vs. plastic        paper vs. plastic presentationsfinish presentations/start adopt an elementAdopt An Element Project continue project; pass out next book
 Mr. Forby Science
Finish Study Guide 4-4Key Terms p.147Finish multiple choice and true/false p. 148TEST next Tuesday
Study, study, study
Felicity    American RevolutionFelicity
American Revolution
6.3 Objective Questions
Writing LabRough Draftpaper typed and sent by tonight