WELCOME Harley Families!
Harley School
Here are some fun and interesting links to practice our technology skills!
Many of the sites and programs on these pages are fine for any age - and, some we've already used at school!  If you know of any sites or resources you think should be available to K-6 students & Harley families, please send me the link and I'll add it to the page! 

Other Pages for choice time are:
KEYBOARDING - Practice keyboarding skills or take a speed test to find your WPM! The farther down the page, the more difficult the challenges!
MOUSING SKILLS - Practice mousing skills such as left & right-clicking, double-clicking, dragging & dropping, etc.
WRITING CODE - Practice your logic and coding skills!  Learn how to tell computers what to do.
Create, imagine   Create with a variety of online apps in art, drawing, music, CAD, 3D object creation
Engineering-Problem Solving - test your problem-solving, strategy skills!
Electricity & Circuits - Learn about Electricity & Circuits
All About Computers - Learn about what computers are, how they work
Geography Tools & Maps - activities to explore the world, GPS, Latitude & Longitude etc.
General Activities - Learn about Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher.  Write silly stories