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Special Educational Needs

At Harlands Primary School and Harlands Nursery we are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure that every child succeeds and makes the best possible progress whatever their needs and abilities. We have high expectations for every child expecting them to achieve or exceed national expectations at the end of each Key Stage. All children are valued and included in everything we do.

Support is provided for any child who at any time in their school life requires additional or different provision to help them achieve success. These children may also be those on the SEND* register or from groups that are nationally recognised as vulnerable to underachievement such as LAC*, FSM* and those from ethnic minority groups. We recognise that any child’s circumstances can make them vulnerable to underachievement at some stage in their schooling.

Mrs Caroline Brown is the SENCO at Harlands Primary School and Mrs Katherine Pontefract is the SENCO within Harlands Nursery. Please contact them through the school office if you wish to discuss any support with your child's needs.