Welcome to K-Prep

                                                                  January 2017


Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a relaxing winter break. We are excited to be back, and we are ready to go. January is a great time to revisit our K-Prep expectations. We share, use good manners, take turns, apologize, and have fun. We treat each other with kindness and compassion. This will be the start of a great year.


January will be a fun-filled month in K-Prep. We are reading and writing in K-Prep! In the housekeeping and block centers, we often see our friends with clipboards and pencils writing menus, taking orders, and making lists. We love seeing the children having fun and using their knowledge of letters and sounds.  In math center we continue to work on patterning, sorting, counting, and one to one correspondence.


This month we will be talking about healthy eating and healthy habits. We will have fun while exercising!  We will also learn about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables every day!


Pajama Day is always a favorite event for many of our K-Preppers. On Friday, January 13th, we ask that our K-Preppers come to school in their PJ’s. We will enjoy breakfast and stories at school while in our PJ’s all day!


On January 16th we will have a break from school to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. On Thursday, January 26th we will celebrate the Chinese New Year with a hot lunch.  We are ready for fun!