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I will do my best to keep this updated so that you can see what we are up too in our room! At the bottom of the page I put links to extra things your child can study.

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100th Day Fun!

100th Day fun!

Christmas Play and Concert!

3D Shapes Fun!
The students used marshmallows and toothpicks to make 2-d and 3-d shapes.  They enjoyed this so much!

December Classroom Updates:

This month we are working hard at practicing our phonemic awareness skills.  We are looking at simple three or four-letter words, pounding them out, and then saying them.  Next we are looking at pictures, saying the word, and then breaking that word down into individual sounds.  For example, I show students a picture of a dog, and they must make the individual sounds d-o-g and then write each letter as they make the sound.  This is not an easy thing to learn!  Please practice these skills with your child(s) at home so he or she can continue what they are learning at school at home!

For mathematics, we are really hitting shapes hard.  We talk about two-dimensional shapes and refer to them as "flat".  We compare those two-dimensional shapes with three-dimensional shapes which we call "solid".  We are now learning how we can use simple shapes (such as a triangle, square, etc.) to create different shapes.  Please continue to practice counting to 80 with your child! By the end of this nine weeks your child should be able to count to 100 by ones.  Soon we will be counting by 5's all the way to 100.

If you would like to get a book(s) from Scholastic, please order online or return the order form with check in your child's black folder by Thursday, December 10.  Thanks!

November Classroom Updates:

This month we will be working hard at identifying beginning sounds.  When you have extra time, practice simple three letter words (we call them cvc words) with your child and see how he or she is able to "pound it out" and make those individual sounds into words.  See if your child can blend each sound into a complete word.  Once they can do this and can identify sight words your child will be ready to read!

Also, keep practicing those ABC booklets at home with your child.  Most children love the Phonics Dance that we do and hopefully they love being the teacher and leading this to their families.  Practice, practice, practice!  Look at the bottom of this web page for attachments that you and your child can use and practice at home!

For mathematics, we are going to be working on identifying numbers 11-20, and then comparing numbers 1-10 (saying which number is greater than and which number is less than).  Don't be surprised if later on this month or December we add in 3-dimensional shapes!  For 3-d shapes, students must only describe them and compare them to 2-d shapes (they do not need to know the names of each 3-d shape).

Fall Harvest Party Fun!

At our Fall Harvest Party, all Kindergarten students were split into 7 groups. This group colored and read a pumpkin booklet.  We dressed up and paraded around the elementary wing at HN!

Nathan Ruhlen,
Nov 6, 2015, 11:29 AM