Digital Art: Z. Bohanon, "Summer's Room"

Title: Summer's Room
Programs used: Microsoft Paint, Paint. NET, Bamboo Tablet

The first thing I did to create my artwork, was the line art. I started out on Microsoft Paint and drew the outlines of everything that you see in black. The second step was the coloring. It was a very time-consuming process. The third step was the shading. I cell-shaded everything in the drawing, by selecting darker tones. Once the shading was finished, I worked on the highlights of the hair, and lights. The next step was opening the file on Paint. NET. Paint.NET is a rather basic, but powerful version of Photoshop. With this program, I was able to add a transparent layer of orange to make the colors warmer. I added another layer to overlap transparent yellow circles to create the shine of the lights. Lastly, I added the "Add Noise" effect to give the artwork a grainy look.