classroom guidance

Classroom Guidance

Classroom guidance lessons are once a month for 30 minutes, for all grades.  Some of the topics I will cover this year are:
 Personal Acceptance, Friendship, Respect, Tattling vs Telling (or Speaking Up), etc. 

Further information on these topics can be found here as I present them.  

January Guidance Lesson: Self-Control
As we come back from Christmas break we must reacquaint ourselves with the rules and expectations of the school. 
During my lesson on self-control students will learn to communicate effectively within and beyond the classroom and to make decisions and act as responsible members of society.
My 1st through 3rd grade classes will learn to use their Stop and Think Stop Signs.
Through both dancing and games they will learn what good listeners look like.  They will also look at what actions help them and others to learn, and what actions may prevent them from doing so.  They will use their Stop Signs to identify times they may need to stop and think before acting.
My 4th and 5th grade classes will take a self monitoring quiz to identify how well they are able to self-correct and how they typically respond to others.
They will watch a video on self control and discuss the effective and ineffective techniques presented.
Lastly they will brainstorm times they may need to practice self-control and what skills they can personally use to do so. 

Minute Meetings:
Minute Meetings will be conducted twice a year.  The first one was done in September and the next one will be in April.  
Minute Meetings are an opportunity for me to meet with EVERY student in the school.  This allows students to check in with me and for me to assess student needs.  I speak with each student one-one-one in the hall outside of their classroom and ask them six questions that let me see how they are doing at school and home, and makes sure they know where to find me if needed.  
 Minute Meetings are another opportunity for me to make a meaningful connection with each student.