What is GEARUP?

GEARUP TN provides Tennessee students with a clear path to college. Funded through a seven-year grant from the U.S. Department of Education and administered by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, GEARUP TN works with Collaboratives in 15 counties across the state to promote college readiness and success.

  • GEARUP TN will serve a cohort of 7,500 students in the Class of 2018, along with 5,000 graduating seniors each year through 2019.
  • Each GEARUP TN Collaborative includes at least one priority high school, one middle school, one higher education institution, the local board of  education, and two community-based partners.                
  • Through the Collaboratives, GEARUP TN provides students with direct services, including mentoring, tutoring, college visits, and financial aid counseling.
  • Each Collaborative is required to fully match federal funds in the sixth and seventh year of the grant to ensure long-term sustainability of the GEARUP TN programs in Tennessee.