by Nicos Ambizas
After-sales Service
The vehicles servicing schedules will in most cases remain unchanged, meaning that the vehicles do not cost any more to run other than stock.

Engine and mechanics

In most cases, performance parts will be used for the rebuilted engines. This is to create a sportier drive to the vehicle but also enable it to be more reliable in hard use.

Also standard low quality parts such as air filters, breaks and suspensions will be upgraded to the highest quality parts available.


Hardcorexclusives is an interrelated company to NMA Technologies. The managing partner is Nicos Ambizas, founder of the NMA Technologies which specializes in ECU tuning, remapping, custom modifications and fault diagnostics.

Hardcorexclusives was created as a brand name for high quality unique pieces, prototypes and promotional cars and bikes for corporate and private clients.

In Hardcorexclusives we aim to produce one off pieces, either starting from a new or from a used vehicle. Here we specialize in rares and collectibles with quality and stable in value models from quality manufacturers.

All vehicles we offer are without exception in pristine condition and will definitely stand out of the crowd. Basically, all our new vehicles will come with MOT and a fresh conducted major service including new timing belts and new tires and anything else they require.
Current vehicles for sale can be seen in the stock section.
For questions about individual vehicles, we are happy to help you.

New vehicles will be stripped down to the basics. Many parts will be modified and the bike will look, feel, drive and sound like a HARDCOREXCLUSIVE.
The used vehicles are again sriped down to all components. Engines are rebuilt if needed with performance class parts and nearly all components are changed. The result is a vehicle which does not relate to what we started. This makes it a HARDCOREXCLUSIVE
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