Weeks 11 & 12: Nov. 11-22

Name: Weeks 11 & 12 - Persuasive Speaking

Start Date - End Date:
11/11/2013 - 11/22/2013

After a week of presenting Informative speeches, we will be moving into our Persuasion unit, as follows.


At the end of the persuasion unit, students will deliver a 6-8 minute persuasive speech on an approved topic. The goal of this speech is to persuade the audience to carry out a stated goal or to believe in the speaker's thesis by delivering it in a clear, organized, and well-supported manner. Good delivery skills will include confidence, enthusiasm, eye contact, clear and audible speech, proper grammar, logical progression of ideas, citing outside sources, gestures, and lack of distracting mannerisms and filler words.
11/11 - 11/15 - Deliver Informative speeches with peer critiques.

11/18 - Reading on persuasive tactics w/KIM vocab
Prepare short speech: The Secret Life of HCIS Teachers

11/19 - Deliver speeches; discuss reading. Commercial assignment handout.

11/21 - Analysis of television commercials; do advertising worksheet. Discuss commercial assignment, put into teams and get to work.

11/22 - Work time on commercial project. Script due on Monday! (11/25)


Assignments with due dates, listed above, as well as participation in discussions and class activities and use of work time.


III. SPEAKING, LISTENING AND VIEWING The student will speak clearly and effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences. The student will:

1. Distinguish between speaker’s opinion and verifiable facts and analyze the credibility of the presentation.
2. Deliver a speech in a logical manner using grammatically correct language, including vocabulary appropriate to the topic, audience and purpose.
6. Identify and understand essential elements, skills and implications of persuasion, argumentation, and debate as essential oral skills.
7. Apply assessment criteria to self-evaluation of oral presentations.