How to use this module

Hapara Highlights

Tools for guiding learners' online interactions

   To use this module effectively, please have your Hapara Highlights
open in one tab, and this module open in a second tab. 

This will allow you to easily toggle between the two tabs.

  Hapara Highlights
  • provides a tool for online behavioural facilitation
  • gives near real- time visibility to the full class activity
  • facilitates connected learning 
  • allows you to support students individually and respond to their specific needs with encouragement and direction
  • helps support and grow tomorrow's digital citizens

This self-paced course is designed to provide you with an overview of Highlights and to introduce you to the tools that will help you start using Highlights right away.

You are about to go on a learning journey. You will encounter many challenges along the way; just take them slowly and move ahead at your own pace.   
You will come across learning activities that will require you to take some action. These are visible inside orange text boxes.

                                           Learning Activity

    You will also need to take some time to reflect. These reflections will be visible inside blue text boxes.

    Take a Moment to Reflect

    Have you heard of Hapara? If yes, where did you hear of us?

    How would you rate your teaching skills in relation to your usage of Google Apps for Education? 

    • newbie 
    • cautious beginner 
    • intermediate 
  1. • ninja

From time to time, you will see suggestions for utilizing Highlights in the learning environment. These will be visible in purple text boxes.

Tips for Teaching and Learning

Ideas and scenarios of how teachers are using Highlights.


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